domingo, 27 de marzo de 2011

I am done with the sadness

Randomly listening to: Wonderful World by James Morrison

I woke up with a thought in my head which just had to be written down:

You wanted me. You wanted me for nearly a year. And now, that I want you back, that you can have me, you let go of me?


To prove what exactly? 

You say you don't want to spend your life chasing after me and waiting for me, but you don't have to now.  I'm pathetically offering myself to you. And still you choose her. And don't say you haven't chosen her over me, because you choose to be with her every day instead of being with me.

So maybe you don't love me as much as we both thought you did. Just a thought.

So today, I am stronger.

I won't cry for you anymore, I refuse.

Because you were right; you are so not worth it.


Standing outside there just too happy to care, tonight I wanna be like them 

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