martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

The beauty of words.

Randomly listening to: The Cave by Mumford & Sons

Your girlfriend is hot.

My girlfriend is hot? My girlfriend is hot? You have the entire English language, with it's vast spectrum of adjectives to describe my girlfriend, and you settle for "hot"?
You have done her a great disservice.
My girlfriend is far beyond beautiful. My girlfriend is enamoring, enrapturing, captivating, ravishing, lovely, incredible, overwhelming, adorable, alluring, enticing and radiant. She's a stunner-she'll take your breath away before you have a chance to introduce yourself. Her eyes constantly shine with joy, even in the midst of pain or sadness. She's a fireball that I can barely handle but I can tell you wouldn't stand a chance. She has a mind that could tear yours to shreds, considering the one word you chose to describe her with is "hot".
Don't ever degrade my girlfriend like that again.

(Something I read and liked. Something I wish someone would say about me.)

And I'll find strength in pain.

lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

People always leave.

Randomly listening to: My Love by Sara Bareilles

I don't need some elaborate apology. I don't need you to play me our song in front of all our friends, or just me. I don't need you to wait outside my class with a dozen roses. I just need you to tell me simply that you are fucking sorry, and that you need me as much as I need you.

Each time someone left,
I cried out,
"Don't leave me here alone.
I don't want to be
left alone
for forever."
But there was no sound.
No words.

Every time I went somewhere or did something, I thought, "you should be here with me." Then I'd think of all the things we had promised to do, all the places we said we would go. Then I'd get angry, and then I'd feel sad, and then I'd forget about it because what else is there to do?

My love is on his way. I'm waiting patiently but if you see me now, my love, please hurry .

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Not for the cynics of the world.

Randomly listening to: Let it Snow (Glee Cast Version)

Just popping in to wish everyone a merry Christmas. I hope everyone enjoys the rest, the family, the friends or whatever it is you happen to enjoy at this time of year. (You never know.)

Here are some quotes of one of my favorite movies of all time, which just happens to be a Christmas movie :).

But you know, the thing about romance is... people only get together right at the very end. 

"Tell her that you love her."
"No way! Anyway, they fly tonight."
"Even better! Sam, you've got nothin' to lose, and you'll always regret it if you don't! I never told your mom enough. I should have told her everyday because she was perfect everyday. You've seen the films, kiddo. It ain't over 'til its over."

True love lasts a lifetime.

(Ahh, I am such a hopeless romantic...)

(And if anyone still doesn't know what movie it is, I just have to say...Shame on you.)

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

The Archipielago of Kisses

We live in a modern society. Husbands and wives don’t
grow on trees, like in the old days. So where
does one find love? When you’re sixteen it’s easy,
like being unleashed with a credit card
in a department store of kisses. There’s the first kiss.
The sloppy kiss. The peck.
The sympathy kiss. The backseat smooch. The we
shouldn’t be doing this kiss. The but your lips
taste so good kiss. The bury me in an avalanche of tingles kiss.
The I wish you’d quit smoking kiss.
The I accept your apology, but you make me really mad
sometimes kiss. The I know
your tongue like the back of my hand kiss. As you get
older, kisses become scarce. You’ll be driving
home and see a damaged kiss on the side of the road,
with its purple thumb out. If you
were younger, you’d pull over, slide open the mouth’s
red door just to see how it fits. Oh where
does one find love? If you rub two glances, you get a smile.
Rub two smiles, you get a warm feeling.
Rub two warm feelings and presto-you have a kiss.
Now what? Don’t invite the kiss over
and answer the door in your underwear. It’ll get suspicious
and stare at your toes. Don’t water the kiss with whiskey.
It’ll turn bright pink and explode into a thousand luscious splinters,
but in the morning it’ll be ashamed and sneak out of
your body without saying good-bye,
and you’ll remember that kiss forever by all the little cuts it left
on the inside of your mouth. You must
nurture the kiss. Turn out the lights. Notice how it
illuminates the room. Hold it to your chest
and wonder if the sand inside hourglasses comes from a
special beach. Place it on the tongue’s pillow,
then look up the first recorded kiss in an encyclopedia: beneath
a Babylonian olive tree in 1200 B.C.
But one kiss levitates above all the others. The
intersection of function and desire. The I do kiss.
The I’ll love you through a brick wall kiss.
Even when I’m dead, I’ll swim through the Earth,
like a mermaid of the soil, just to be next to your bones.

The Archipielago of Kisses
Jeffrey McDaniel

jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2011

This girl means the world to me.

Randomly listening to: The Scientist by Coldplay

There is a girl who loves me unconditionally. A girl I know I can count on for everything. A girl I know will never leave me.

There is a girl who checks my blog to make sure I'm okay. A girl who gets frustrated when I write that I need someone I can trust, because she thinks I don't know she's there for me. A girl who will listen to my complaints for hours and the only words that will come out of her mouth are kind ones.

There is a girl who has been wronged so many times in the past but still sees the world as a beautiful place. A girl who is treated unkindly for being "too good" (as if that were ever possible). A girl who deserves so much better.

There is a girl who has been by my side for many years now. A girl who I've wronged in the past and has forgiven me but I will never forgive myself for it. A girl who I love with all my heart.

That girl who might be the only one reading this.

Today's post is dedicated to you.

I had to find you, tell you I need you, tell you I set you apart.

jueves, 1 de diciembre de 2011


The sun was finally coming up, and the light started filtering through the mess that had been left behind. It had been the longest night of their lives, but it was finally over. She took it all in and breathed deeply, finally relaxing. 
She felt him behind her and turned around to face him. His expression was serious as his eyes travelled along what they had once called home. She waited for him and soon enough, he looked at her and gave her a crooked smile. She felt slightly reassured but there were still so many questions in her head.
"What do we do now?" She knew she looked vulnerable but had finally accepted to let her guard down in front of him.
"Now we turn around, leave this place behind and start over again." His answer seemed simple enough, but they both knew it was going to take a lot of strength and effort to do that.
He probably sensed that his answer hadn't been enough for her and so he reached for her and pulled her closer.
"We are going to be alright. All of us." He cupped her face, his eyes on hers, wanting to send his message through. "You and I will make sure that the little ones are all okay."
"Together?" She opened her eyes wide, surprised and humiliated by her own question but he just grinned at her, the first real smile she had seen on his face in a long time.

Don't tell me the sky is the limit when there are footprints on the moon.