martes, 27 de diciembre de 2011

The beauty of words.

Randomly listening to: The Cave by Mumford & Sons

Your girlfriend is hot.

My girlfriend is hot? My girlfriend is hot? You have the entire English language, with it's vast spectrum of adjectives to describe my girlfriend, and you settle for "hot"?
You have done her a great disservice.
My girlfriend is far beyond beautiful. My girlfriend is enamoring, enrapturing, captivating, ravishing, lovely, incredible, overwhelming, adorable, alluring, enticing and radiant. She's a stunner-she'll take your breath away before you have a chance to introduce yourself. Her eyes constantly shine with joy, even in the midst of pain or sadness. She's a fireball that I can barely handle but I can tell you wouldn't stand a chance. She has a mind that could tear yours to shreds, considering the one word you chose to describe her with is "hot".
Don't ever degrade my girlfriend like that again.

(Something I read and liked. Something I wish someone would say about me.)

And I'll find strength in pain.

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