domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Things I never knew about friends I thought I knew

Randomly listening to: This is the last time by Keane

I just came back this afternoon from my second weekend home. It was great being back home,seeing my friends...Finding out things I never knew...

F2 has found herself a boyfriend. It is not any boyfriend either, it's her first. A big deal, anyone would think. The funny thing is how I found out about this: my mum told me. My mum. I found out that one of my best friends had started dating thanks to my mum. Just take a minute to process this.

So then, of course, after my initial shock, I decided to ask her what the hell my mum was talking about, and she replied with a pretty long message saying sorry and explaining everything. Explaining the whole 2 weeks and a half she had been dating this guy.

Wait? Did you say 2 weeks and a half?


Just fucking great.

So there I am, speachless. Thank God I asked, right?

And I am so scared shitless because I feel like she's so far away and she won't talk to me. And how are you supposed to have a friendship - and not just any friendship, but a special one- with someone who won't bother telling you this stuff.

How are we going to survive?

Are we going to survive?

Oh, please, let us survive.

Say that some things never die. Well I tried and I tried.

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  1. awww:( i wonder how your mom knew! weired! but if it does really bug you about your friend... just tell her! im so sorry, i hate those kind of situations:(
    sry not really good advice i tried my best:)
    please follow moi blogg!
    LUV B

  2. That happened to me a couple weeks ago. So my friend was casually telling a story saying "oh so we were in his room ya know kissing and.."
    And in my mind i was like wait what rewind! SInce when are you that serious and you got your first kiss! but i really just nodded my head. So Kipa yes I hope you survive this I really do. Cause then there might be hope for me.