sábado, 4 de diciembre de 2010

Just a bit of dreaming (quote)

Listening to: Claire de Lune by Debussy

Do you ever dream so much that you start to scare yourself? I mean, have you ever withdrawn from reality and made yourself a little home in the quarters of your mind? Then you dream up something ideal and all of a sudden you feel little waves of panic wash over you because you've just realized this whole mess you've made in your head. And the scariest thing you realize is that while you've been living above and beyond what you want in your mind, you haven't really been living in reality at all.

Silence is so freaking loud

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  1. Silence is so feaking loud- Owen Armstrong from Just Listen absolutely love that quote!!
    and yes all the time and when I sift back into reality I get so disappointed because its nt real and just gone.