jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Sweep me off my feet, make me believe in fairytales

Randomly listening to: Romeo & Juliet by Dire Straits (The Killers version)

I stare. I stare. I stare.

You have to feel my gaze. It has to burn.

But again you prove me right when I say that I'm invisible. You don't even see me.

Its not like I think you are going to fall in love with me immediately, but at least a glance would be very much appreciated.

At least I wouldn't be sitting here, alone in my room, thinking what so many girls have thought before me and will think after:

What's wrong with me?

Why am I all alone?

And there's a place for us, you know the movie song. When you gonna realize, it was just that the time was wrong, Juliet?

1 comentario:

  1. So true!! but there's nothing wrong with you. You're amazing.. just the way you are *Bruno Mars* if he/they don't see that. its their loss & they're deffo not worth it!! xxx