miércoles, 5 de octubre de 2011

Getting over or simply getting used to.

Randomly listening to: Learnt my lesson well by Kaiser Chiefs

I try and believe that everything will be okay, someday. And most times, I do believe that I will be happy.

But other days I wonder how I can ever get over this. I feel like I'm trying to just have happy thoughts in my head but I am not strong enough to keep the bad ones out. How can you get over so much pain? Because it has been months and I still feel like it's eating me alive and I still think about it everyday. And I've tried to stop myself, I've tried to stop the tears from falling, but I can't. I don't feel like I'm getting any better, I just feel like I'm getting used to it, and maybe that is all I will ever manage to do. Maybe getting used to it is as good as it gets. 

I just don't like the changes.

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