sábado, 12 de noviembre de 2011

About fairytales

Randonly listening to: Marchin On by One Republic

There are some times when the world gets to me. It's hard to keep believing in fairytales in this chaotic world we live in.
But then, something unexpected happens, and I am reminded that fairytales do exist. That I have a shot at a happy ending. That we all do.
Like the other day at my dad's 50th birthday party.
My parents have been married for 25 years now, and have been together for around 30. Still, that didn't stop them from acting like teenagers. The love they share is still obvious in their faces.
They got it. In a world with more than 6 billion people, they managed to find each other. They are each other's half, as my mum told my dad in front of 80 people.
So I have hope.
And I guess that even if I don't actually get my fairytale, or my happy ever after, it will still make me happy to know that fairytales do exist.

For those days we felt like a mistake, those times when love's what you hate,  somehow we keep marching on.

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