miércoles, 21 de marzo de 2012

Things I wish we had done.

 I wish we had rented a hotel room for one night and slept in each others' arms. I wish we had travelled and discovered the world together. I wish we had had a time when we saw each other every day. I wish we had gone to the beach and played in the water for hours. I wish we had done everything we always said we wanted to do. I wish we had had the time.

Maybe there was a time when I thought that we could get it back, just because I thought you wanted it too. Maybe I still wish that you still thought of us as a possibility, even if it is far away in the future.

But it's clear by the way you act, it's clear by the way you talk, that I am no longer that possibility for you.

I was hoping you and I might end up together.

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