domingo, 25 de marzo de 2012

Where are you?

Randomly listening to: Under Cover of Darkness by The Strokes

I want a man who is not afraid of confrontation. Who will shout when he's angry and fight for what he believes to be true, but is also capable of saying I'm sorry when he knows he's wrong. I want a man who understands my past and wants to make my future better. I want a man with dreams as big as mine. I want a man who will find the time to read even when he's extremely busy because he loves it so much. I want a man who will teach me things. Who will take me to places I've never been to. I want a man who tries to understand me even when I can't understand myself.Who is willing to take me out do dance and doesn't worry about what everyone else might think. I want a man who surprises me with his spontaneity. Who tells me to jump in the car with him. I want a man who doesn't give up on me when things get hard. Who loves me too much to ever let me go and who knows that, whatever happens, I won't let him go either.

So long my friend and adversary but oh, I'll wait for you.

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