domingo, 29 de mayo de 2011

Love Never Dies...HA!

Listening to: The BSO from Love Never Dies (Musical)

The thing is, we always knew that no one really understood our relationship, that what we had was something special that only us, being in the inside, could fully get. That it was you and me against the world.

And when in July you felt like I had treated you wrongly, you decided that it was the end of our special relationship. You were disappointed, hurt. You didn't, or couldn't, trust me anymore. You were done with me. But I wouldn't hear it, I wouldn't allow it. I talked, fought, cried, desperately for you to forgive me, for you to believe in me again. I could just not imagine losing you. The thought was too hard to bear.

And I managed to fix what had been broken, little by little.

Now it is me that has lost faith in you. Now it is me that needed for you to fight. Fight for me.

How naive of me to think you would.

Love is not always beautiful

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