lunes, 18 de octubre de 2010

Humble Intelligence Please

Randomly listening to: Dream on by Aerosmith

This Saturday I made a trip to London to see F2 and I met her very intelligent, very intellectual neighbour.

He is a complete asshole.

He was the typical person who thinks he is above everyone else in every way possible. The world revolves around him and he is always right.

His arrogance nauseated me.

All those big words, all those complicated concepts, all that confidence... But even I could find holes in his supposedly perfect ideas.

I, of course, didn't tell him any of this. I would say it is because I didn't want to make my friend uncomfortable, but really it's because I am a bit of a coward. If I was able though, I would tell him that you stop being better than the rest when you stop being humble.

PS. I love London :)

We're all broken enough to be humble.

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