martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

New Beginnings and Never Endings

Randomly listening to : I'll be there for you by Bon Jovi

The start of university feels like the start of a new era, the start of a new life even.

 I am living in a room with a bathroom which I'm trying hard to make my own, so I can feel at home, but I can't seem to forget that outside that door my family is not there. It's just a corridor leading to locked doors of people I'm trying to stop thinking of  as strangers, and to a common kitchen. I feel so out of place in here, but I guess you get used to everything. Or so I hope.

I guess the song I'm listening to fits my mood, though I didn't even know it before today. I guess that with all this change I just want things to stay the same. I'm trying to hold tightly to my friends specially. I know I won't loose my family, but friends are another matter. Friends don't actually have to love you. And sometimes its hard to keep up with friends. I guess I just want to know that, whatever happens, they will be there for me...But I feel like they are so far away...

I guess this is my new life, and with it comes a new and very different blog. So lets make a toast for new beginnings and for never endings.

And I can't breathe without you, but I have to...

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