martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

My first weekend home

Randomly listening to: Country Mile by Camera Obscura

When I felt the wheels of the plane hit the ground, I looked out the window and saw Madrid's airport. The girl beside me told her dad: "We are in Madrid" and those insignificant four words took me to the verge of tears. I said to myself, repeating the girl's words: "I'm in Madrid. I'm home."

It's remarkable how, after one entire month, when I stepped into my house, I felt as if I had never left. I settled between my parents on the sofa and watched TV with them as if I had been with them every day and there was nothing extraordinary about that day.

My first trip back home and I'm glad to see that, even though life goes on without me, when I get back, I can still catch up with it.

I wish you could be here with me. I would show you off like a trophy.

P.S. I've decided  from now on to use quotes from the songs I'm listening to at that moment which reflect best my feelings. How does that sound? 

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